Waste Solutions

Don’t dispose of your bio-solids into landfill! Let Ecocast turn 100% of your waste into a sustainable, locally used, beneficial material

We offer a renewable and sustainable biowaste management solution for industry and councils.

  • Ecocast is already working with Councils and appreciates the difficulties of transporting & receiving Bio-Solids
  • Ecocast processes Bio-Solids 7 days a week and will happily work with each Councils specific needs
  • Ecocast does not require Councils to take back finished product, and has an established market for Vermicast

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Our process

This step by step process is explains and demonstrates how our service will meet and exceed your requirements by providing a solution that removes off site all bio-solids and beneficially re-uses it.


Commonly asked questions about Vermicast and Ecocast

Lab Reports & Certifications

Read the Lab results of our Vermicast for yourself. Our product has passed the Aa grade standard as defined in the Guide for the Safe Application of Biosolids to Land in New Zealand.  (NZWWA 2003). This guide is used by Regional Councils to determine if the compost or vermicompost derived from biosolids can be applied to land without a resource consent or not.

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