Our Process

Don’t dispose of your bio-solids into landfill, let Ecocast turn your waste into a 100% reused locally beneficial material through our expertise of managed natural processes.

1. Safe Collection

The Bio-Solids are collected from wastewater treatment plants in a variety of ways. Ecocast can develop processes that will meet a treatment plants current operating practises. The biosolids are transferred to the processing site in vehicles that meet transport requirements for the safe transportation of hazardous goods. All Drivers and Trucks are fully licensed.

2. Depositing & processing mixture

The bio-solids are deposited into a large concrete bunker on the processing site in Kawerau. We mix waste material from the local wood mill to mix with bio-solids, again using waste from another industry as part of the value chain. The waste pulp fibre is mixed with the bio-solids in a mixing wagon in a predetermined ratio, ensuring that the end result is a homogeneous non-odorous mix.

3. The vermicast process

This is where the magic of managed natural processes takes place over the next 18 months to create a valuable product. The mixture of the bio-solids and pulp fibre screenings are deposited into windrows. Our billion Tiger Worms process the bio-solid and fibre mix over this period. Grass and other green plants grow on the top of the windrows, this is mown and worms process the clippings as part of the mix. This creates the perfect environment for worms, the development of soil biome and the reduction of pathogens to a level compliant with the "Safe Application of Biosolids to Land" guide.

4. Combining & Testing

Once the vermicast processes are complete after 18 months, the windrows are tested at Hills Laboratories for compliance, and then material from these windrows is combined and heaped into one large windrow. 

At the end of the 18 months, samples of the processed bio-solids are tested to ensure that compliance with the biosolids guide has been achieved.

Ecocast has achieved the highest possible ‘Aa’ grade and ISO certification

Regional Councils can trust our product to be applied to any land without requiring Resource Consent.

5. Ready for distribution

Once ready, some of Ecocast’s Vermicast is delivered to Plateau Compost and mixed with composted green waste and composted Kiwi fruit waste to make a blend that meets orchardists requirements. The blended mix is screened to make a homogeneous product, transported to various orchards and applied to the land with a spreader to the client’s requirements. Vermicast on its own is delivered to maize growers as a soil amendment and some pasturalists.

The locations of the various tonnages sent out is recorded so that we have a record of where the product has been used for monitoring purposes.

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