Humus is the stabilised organic matter in your top soils. Black humic acids and yellowish fulvic acids are giving humus its characteristic dark colour. Humus is important as a habitat for the development of beneficial and active soil microorganism, high water holding capacity, and of economic relevance for most growers is its nutrient exchange capacity. Humus is the glue that creates stable soil aggregates by binding humus and clay minerals. Stable soil aggregates are very important to keep the soil in place and protect them from soil erosion. With applying 1 mm of Vermicast you are incorporating 1.8 tonnes of carbon to your soils per ha. Additional carbon is sequestrating from the atmosphere as root growth improves rapidly after vermicast application. This carbon is stored in your soils for centuries and is only one reason why vermicast protects our climate. 

Vermicast is a peat like product very high in humus (organic matter) One main source of feedstock to our earthworms is our Pine wood fibre. After a very few applications of our vermicast root depth and humus content of your soils will improve. Your soil will manage your mineral and organic fertiliser more economically and sustainably. 

Plant available nutrients 

Organically bound nutrients in vermicast and soil humus are released as the humus is decomposed and nutrients becomes plant available. The chemical structure of humus acts like a battery for your already plant available nutrients. This is called nutrient exchange capacity. Your humus ‘battery’ can store and release cations (Ca, Mg, NH4) as well as anions (NO3). Increasing the humus content of your soils - like putting in a large battery - is a very effective way to reduce leaching of mineral nutrients. You will save money on fertilisers and the groundwater stays clean, which is important for protecting sensitive environments. Whether you are using mineral fertiliser or prefer organic fertiliser’s, vermicast complements each in an ideal way.

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