Ecocast Vermicast is a natural nutritive organic soil conditioner and fertiliser. It is rich in humus, macro and micro-nutrients, beneficial soil microbes, and plant growth promoting hormones. Ecocast Vermicast can offer significant benefit your soils, crops, pasture, orchard, vineyard, nursery, garden and potting mixes.

The Benefits

Application of Vermicast introduces various beneficial and active soil organisms. Research into plant growth hormones has shown that use of Vermicast stimulates plant growth further, even when plants are already receiving ‘optimal nutrition’. Vermicast improves seed germination, seedling development and growth, and increases plant production and yields. 

After a very few applications of our Vermicast, root depth and humus content of your soils will improve. Your soil will manage your mineral and organic fertiliser more economically and sustainably.  

What is it?

Vermicast is the casting of earthworms. We all know that soils with hundreds of earthworms are fertile, healthy, and sustainable soils. But why are earthworms so important?

Vermicast compared to compost

Compost is a completely different process from Vermicast. Compost is produced in a high temperature process and is more fungi driven, while Vermicast is a cold, bacterial driven process.


Humus is the stabilised organic matter in your top soils. Humus is the glue that creates stable soil aggregates by binding humus and clay minerals. Stable soil aggregates are very important to keep the soil in place and protect them from soil erosion.


Read into the scientific research that backs up why Vermicast stimulates plant growth, and is better for sustainability and the environment.

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